Free Computer Repair

Let LARC fix your computer or laptop…for FREE. LARC is the first and only computer repair company that offers its professional computer repair services to the public at no cost. Why would you spend hundreds of dollars to fix something that LARC can do for you...for FREE? Bring in your misbehaving computer and take advantage of our free computer repair service today.

There are no hidden costs or fees associated with our free computer repair service. The only thing we can’t offer for free is the replacement parts, if needed. Hey, we can’t give everything away for free. But don’t worry…we are not going to break something on purpose to make a buck. We are a professional, ethical company and we don’t require you to buy any part or software from us. If you find a better deal on parts or software, then you buy them and we will use them to repair your computer.

Use our "Request Free Computer Repair" form to get your computer fixed for FREE.